written by: Ariel Salle


My clenched teeth

Are white steel

Sheathing a sharp pink

Razor blade


My accusations are ready,

but you push them back

with your barbed tongue

and the blood runs

down my throat,

choking back my voice,

turning protest into



This is our reconciliation

You force me silent-

Kissing away the beginnings of

Our arguments

While open-mouthed I wish

I were not so

In love

 So I could

Bite off

Your tongue



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Cockroach by: Ariel Salle


The world despised me

Ever since I was made

Their footwear

Would always catch me unaware

What did I do?

I’m not a murderer nor a thief

I just wander everyday

To complete this ecosystem

But thanks to the girls

Whenever I am around

They would giggle and shout

I feel like a celebrity they talk about

Dusk and midnight

Are the best times

To amble and ramble

For me to seek and scout.

If fate allows

I’d like to go out

As if no one would mind

And chase me to death.



The Emo Chick’s Reply to the Emo Guy

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The Emo Chick’s Reply to the Emo Guy

written by: Ariel Salle

If all the world and love were cruel

And Emo guys don’t grow uncool

Your Gothic get-up might me move

To live with thee and be thy love.

Time shrinks the skin and the brains as well

And hormones rage and egos swell

And Emo girls becometh dumb

And guys grow tired of high school proms.

Those cool jeans fade, those movies dates

They freak me out, they look so fake;

You pierced your tongue; you slashed your wrist,

I’m not convinced, I’m not impressed.

Thy scars, thy tears, thy body piercings,

Thy film noir posters and voodoo bling-blings

Soon go passé, soon gone forgotten

What’s out of style is lame and rotten

Thy shirts of black and eyes of red,

Thy dark tattoos that hurt and bled,

Thy emo antics can move me not

To come to thee and be thy love.

But could we live and love and breed

With no bills to pay, no mouths to feed?

If yes, then you my mind might move

To live with thee and be thy love.